I’m Ami James and a Textile Artist from Swadlincote, South Derbyshire.

My time is spent at the Sewing Studio – my studio and workshop space in Swadlincote town centre.

As an artist I explore my own ideas & interests by creating colourful and contemporary art quilts, thread painted and hand stitched items and 3D vessels.
My work is created for exhibitions and for sale.

My art quilts are not set in one theme. In fact I’ve covered animals, landscapes and flowers, historic artefacts and outsider art.
I visit many parts of Derbyshire and other picturesque villages and towns which really helps and inspires me and my ideas.
Textile arts gives me a way to express myself and experiment and it really is a constant learning curve. I work in my sewing studio which is spacious, light and calm in my home town.
I use various techniques in all of my pieces including quilting, machine stitching and embroidery, hand embroidery, mixed media and weaving. I like to use batiks, hand dyed and vintage fabrics and threads.

You can find my work online and in various exhibitions. I’m an active member of the Midlands Textile Forum http://www.midlandstextileforum.com



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